About Us

A ministry of love and compassion, assisting people to be re-empowered to live better, make strong positive decisions, to build a better future for themselves, and their families. We will do this by prayer, educating, counseling, guidance, feeding , clothing, as well as encouraging people towards the path of their needs, to build greater future, thus allowing them an avenue of escape from their present arena of hopelessness.

Our vision is some manner to revolutionize change, empower, impact, and impart love, care and integrity to all people to help fulfill the needs, and share hope to the hopeless in these days. We shall achieve this vision, through assistance and donations via volunteers, monetary and physical presence, even the lending of property we host our outreach events at. We prepare by gaining donations from family, friends, companies, and people in general. We accept donations of non-perishable foods, clothing and shoes in good reusable condition. We than go into low income neighborhoods and allow the recipients to shop free, as if they are in a store to fulfill the needs of their households. We also hand out resources of assistance and direction to those that desire relief from drug addiction, alcoholism, unemployment, as well as abusive situations.

Our desire/theme is to see Baltimore living better and stronger lives.

We need YOU, our communities help and assistance to bring help and hope to those that has been beaten down by today's economy, unemployment as well as hopelessness. Victories in Christ Jesus Outreach Ministries can only feed and clothe families with the help you give. We appreciate all and any help you can offer.