About Our Founder


As the founder of Victories in Christ Jesus Outreach Ministries, Patricia Cooper is fulfilling a call she received at the age of 28 years old. The Lord spoke to her in a vision that He would send her into the darkest areas to bring His people out, area’s that most would not want to go into. Patricia deeply feels this is what gives her life. She has a heart for the people she reaches out to. Having survived a life full of every form of abuse including child abuse, 18 years of drug abuse, rape, 14 years of spousal abuse, and then self-abuse, no one she could truly trust, that is until she found one person she could trust was God. She was suicidal, depressed, stressed, felt that she had no hope until God lifted her up out of her darkness with His loving light of love, a love she had never known. God came in and restored all that the devil had stolen from her, so that she could be used to His glory, and she could allow His healing power into her life.

Patricia now walks in purpose; her desire is to fulfill the desire God has placed in her heart to feed His sheep. She goes into the darkest areas of the streets to meet the needs of people who is hurting, in pain, feeling hopeless, those that has given up on life. She imparts hope, compassion, love and care, by not only meeting the needs of the people, but she follows up to insure their needs has been met. This lady has laid all things aside to fulfill the needs of people, she says that this is the only way to live in this life. The only life, is a life of obedience to God, He said for us to “Feed His sheep,“ it is a greater blessing when we are a blessing to our fellow man..." For her, Victories in Christ Jesus Outreach Ministries is a Ministry of Love sent by God to meet the needs whatever they may be as He is a God of second chances, and HE LOVES EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.